E-Commerce Ecosystem in UTAR

E-commerce Fulfilment Centre with UTAR E-Marketplace serves as a learning centre to support teaching and research and it benefits UTAR students by providing work-based learning

UTAR is probably one of the few private universities that now has a complete E-commerce ecosystem on campus that fulfils the process of sourcing the products, branding and marketing, labelling and storage, reaching out to consumers online, handling online payments, packaging and delivering the products to consumers; all completed on campus with the assistance of students to enable them to be trained and proficient in e-commerce. From theory in the classrooms to practice and real online business dealings, managing products and interacting with customers and consumers, UTAR students are fortunate to have this crucial experience that could be the start of future e-commerce ventures for them.  


UTAR E-Marketplace

An e-commerce platform for UTAR’s staff, students and alumni. Now you can sell online via UTAR E-Marketplace 

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Campus Fulfilment Centre

Campus Fulfilment Centre provides fulfilment service to e-commerce merchants. Fulfilment service includes storing, packing and shipping of e-commerce orders

E-Commerce Delivery Centre

UTAR staff and students can direct their e-commerce packages to the e-commerce delivery centre 

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Contact us for more information on how to register as an e-commerce merchant and how to list your merchandising items on UTAR E-Marketplace. Click Here

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