Entrepreneurship at UTAR

Promoting entrepreneurship skills and an enterprising culture.


Education has been identified as one of the key drivers to achieve Vision 2020. Education alone however is not enough to assist the government in the creation of a knowledge based economy and an Internet savvy community.

In UTAR, besides the importance of acquiring information and knowledge, focus is also placed on developing UTARians who are creative, dynamic and yet practical and effective in wealth creation.

UTAR's Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship Plan has been linked and integrated with UTAR's Vision and Mission by promoting student entrepreneurship skills and enterprising culture through its various schemes and activities such as:

  1. Unovate Centre
  2. UTAR Young Entrepreneur Startup Scheme (UTARYESS)
  3. Student Software Application Scheme (SSAS)
  4. UTAR Flea Market
  5. Entrepreneurial Talk Series

Unovate Centre

UTAR has set up 2 business incubators, one each in Kampar Campus and Sungai Long Campus respectively. The objective of Unovate Centre is to foster an entrepreneurial culture in the campus and also to nurture and accelerate the successful development of young businesses or start-ups during their early years.

UTAR Young Entrepreneur Startup Scheme (UTARYESS)

UTARYESS is a seed fund that is aimed to support Unovate Centre student incubatee. Each successful applicant will be given a maximum grant of RM5,000.00 which can be used to construct their prototype (product or service) or to conduct market survey.

Student Software Application Scheme (SSAS)

This scheme has been established to enable students to be entitled for financial support to register their software application which was designed/created in designated open market platform such as Google and Apple. Through this scheme students can register their apps and get an reimbursement of up to USD30.00 per registration.

UTAR Flea Market

UTAR Flea Market is one of the various activities which was established to provide opportunities to experience the environment in doing a business in the most simple way. The inaugural UTAR Flea Market opened for business in December 2010. The stalls are managed by the students themselves selling various products ranging from homemade food, computer gadgets, lady's accessories to old books and clothes.

Entrepreneurial Talk Series

Students were also given opportunities to attend talks and to mingle with captains of industry, successful entrepreneurs, technopreneurs, founders and corporate high-flyers who are more than willing to share their success stories and business experience.