Student Software Application Scheme 

A maximum grant of USD 30.00 will be awarded for the registration of an account to publish your app.


University students often design software in their academic or other activities. Some of the software has potential commercial value and thus should be encouraged and supported. Software commercialisation processes can be pursued on various options and platforms.

One way which is increasingly popular is by distributing and marketing the software through open markets for software applications (apps). The current most prominent ones among them are Android Market/Google Play by Google and iTunes by Apple.

The Student Software Application Scheme aims to support UTAR undergraduate students financially by paying for the registration cost of publishing their software applications in the app store.


  1. To promote software development activities in the university.
  2. To promote entrepreneurship through software development and commercialisation


SSAS is only available to UTAR undergraduate students.


  1. A maximum grant amount of USD30.00 will be awarded to each successful applicant.
  2. The funding is only for the registration of an account in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  3. The application will be approved based on the proof that the app has been published in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  4. Each student is only eligible to apply for one grant per platform.


  1. Students are to register and launch the apps under their personal capacity and UTAR should not be held responsible should any violation of law and regulations occurred out of the exercise.
  2. Students are required to acknowledge UTAR for the support given in the content of their web sites with the inclusion of "The software was developed with the support of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)"
  3. Students are obliged to:
    1. Share their knowledge with other students
    2. Advertise UTAR in the app
  4. Students will be required to sign a letter of undertaking.