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The main objective of this masterclass is to provide knowledge to make a successful entrepreneur by providing the ability to create entrepreneurial opportunities through the invention, development and exploitation of entirely new ideas, products and services, and/or the creation of new industries, infrastructures, and ways of doing business.

Module 1: Building a Business from Ground Zero

Explores the critical components of building a business from the ground up through creative idea generation to assessing trends. 

  • Idea Generation / Idea Evaluation 
  • Finding your Team 
  • Industry Trend 

Module 2: Develop a Unique Value for Your Customers 

Learn how to develop value proposition benefits-driven marketing messages for your targeted customers. 

  • Unique Selling Proposition / Unique Value Proposition 
  • Customer Discovery 
  • Customer Persona Roadmap

Module 3: Internal Mechanics of a Business in the New Era 

Having the right tools and mechanics are needed to jump start a great business idea. This module will analyse diverse internal areas in line with the online and offline industry trend. 

  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Financing 
  • Digital Marketing and Branding 
  • Competitor Analysis 

Module 4: Implementing Your Idea: Utilising Business Model Canvas   

This module looks into pertinent blocks within the canvas and building critical factors for a robust Business Model.

  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Teamwork: Pitch Practice 
  • Key Learning Reflections 

Module 5: THE day - Pitching Session            

It is now time to validate the business idea through the pitching session in the presence of different stakeholders who will give constructive feedback to move the business idea to reality. 

  • Pitching session 
  • Key Learning, Reflections
  • Testimony and Video Shooting 
  • Future Outlook, Certificates, and Wrap-up

Target audience 

  • Full time / part time students / Unovate Centre incubatees 
  • Working in a company and would like to be self-employed in the future
  • Have a prospective business idea and are planning to grow 
  • Local SMEs, Freelancers, Lawyers / Accountants, Full time parents, Product / brand owners  


  • No business knowledge required 
  • No prior experience required 


UTAR Sungai Long Campus 


RM1200 (Public) 

RM600 (Students) 

Inclusive of 6% service tax

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